Conveyancing refers to the process of transferring the legal title for a property from one party to another. A conveyancer is a qualified professional who undertakes all aspects of property dealings. They deal only with property transactions.

At Future Finance Group, we deal with a number of conveyancers as part of the settlement process from your property. A conveyancer can help you complete the sale or purchase of all types of real estate as well as any other property transactions that creates, changes, transfers or extinguishes the legal title for a property.

These qualified professionals have the legal knowledge, skill and expertise to conduct a whole range of property transactions.

A conveyancer undertakes a number of tasks and within the preparation for settlement can:

  • Check your contract of sale and all the mandatory attachments
  • Complete checks regarding outstanding arrear of land tax obligations
  • Investigate whether any information regarding the property and the completion of settlement
  • Draft special clauses for your contract of sale
  • Negotiate with the conveyancer for other party regarding any issues or special clauses
  • Examine water and council rates and adjust as necessary
  • Arrange settlement, including payout of monies to appropriate parties


While the detailed aspects of their role ensure your settlement is completed smoothly, a conveyancer helps most by giving you the confidence the necessary transactions are being handled professionally and legally. You can feel safe knowing that all transactions are accurate and secure, saving you times and money by managing all of the required transactions.