March 17. It’s St Paddy’s Day – a time when luck is on the mind of many (as well las Guinness, four clovers and pots of gold)! But what is on our minds with regard to our finances?

In 2018 86% of Australians reportedly had no idea what their daily expenses were. (And 82% of homeowners didn’t know details of their mortgage.*) Half of those not only didn’t know where there money went – they didn’t have a budget to help guide where it should go. This makes achieving a strong financial future stressful and more difficult than it needs to be.

Mr B J Franklin so eloquently said, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Not tracking your expenses, and not having a budget or plan, is leaving your financial future to luck.

So, what to do? Make your own luck! (Let’s call it an organised plan.) Start by looking at your bank statements to identify where your money goes. Then contact us. We’d love to discuss your financial goals and how you can achieve them! We can help you understand your current situation and help make a plan for your future.

Do you feel lucky?

Email or call us on 8657 8664.

*Do you know your mortgage details? If not, let’s get together and look at your current arrangements and how it compares to what’s available to you today.




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