Buying your first home is a major milestone. It brings lots of pulses, and also significant responsibilities, and it’s essential that you are ready to take this important step – both from a financial and lifestyle perspective.

As a first home buyer, your home is more than a financial achievement. It gives you the freedom and creativity to express yourself and live the way you want to. It puts you in control, whether that’s as simple as choosing how you want to decorate or as important as knowing that you won’t have to move unless you decide to sell.

Owning your first home might be an investment goal, or about giving the people you love the security they need. It’s a perfect way to invest in your future – rather than renting and paying off someone else’s mortgage, you’re paying off your own and potentially building wealth along the way.

Before you start searching for your dream home, take some time to learn more about these benefits. If you’d like an explanation on any government incentives give your mortgage broker a call.

First Home Owner Grant

The government provides the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) across the various states and territories across Australia. If you are a first home buyer, it is worth checking what is offered in your respective state or territory, to see if you are eligible for the FHOG. For more information on the FHOG in your state visit or speak with your mortgage broker.

Our calculators can help you get started with your research. You might be surprised at how much borrowing power you already have and where you can afford to buy.

We can also help you choose the right home loan to suit your needs or lifestyle.

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