Future Finance Group is designed to help you create a property portfolio that fits you perfectly. No matter where you are in the process. We have the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to help you move towards your chosen financial goal.


Taking your first step into property may seem daunting but you don’t have to do it on your own. Amie Tennant and Meagan Fry understand the mixture of excitement and trepidation you may be feeling and are here to guide you through the process.

You may have started to save for your first home and feel like you have a long, hard way to go. Future Finance Group has been created to provide all the information and inspiration you need to keep taking the right steps towards the financial future you desire. You many be closer than you think!

Talk to Amie and Meagan today to find the strategies to help you make the most of the funds you already have. Get the information you need to prepare well for your first important investment.

Start with a pre-approval

What’s pre-approval?
Sometimes referred to as an approval-in-
principle, pre-approval is a general indication of how much you’re able to borrow based on the information you provide to your lender. Although subject to terms and conditions, a pre-approval basically gives you the green light on your home loan even if you’ve not yet decided on a particular property. The amount of the pre-approval is usually determined by your ability to meet the loan repayments. Most pre-approvals are valid for up to three months. Just remember even with your pre-approval, your purchase must still meet all of your lender’s requirements prior to obtaining final approval (including valuations, if applicable).

Why obtain pre-approval?

A pre-approval gives you the confidence of knowing how much you can borrow when buying a property.

Your home loan pre-approved enables you to seize the opportunity and act quickly when you find the property you want.

A pre-approval can sometimes help you negotiate a better price with the seller, especially if there are fewer stringent conditions upon the sale.

Under the conditions of a cash contract, a pre-approval allows you to bid at auction for the property of your choice. However, you will be responsible to meet the rest of your obligations under the contract if unconditional approval is not obtained. You should seek advice on the contract before bidding at an auction.


Future Finance Group believes in creating lasting relationships. Once you have your first home, Future Finance Group can show you how to use your equity to create your own property portfolio in you choose.

Whether you began your investment with Future Finance Group or have been trying to juggle it on your own or have used other investment services, Future Finance Group are available to listen with a view to continuing your momentum.

With access to over 30 lenders, Future Finance Group connects you to a range of mortgage options deigned to leverage your current investment so you and build your portfolio faster.


If your goal is to create a diverse portfolio of property that builds financial security for your future and gives you the freedom to achieve other personal goals, Future Finance Group will be by your side to help make it happen.

Future Finance Group have a passion for property so they understand your desire to create the perfect combination for yourself. You can draw on their industry experience and expertise and as you develop your confidence and talent in the property arena.

Call Future Finance today to discuss your property goals and dreams and harness your excitement and enthusiasm.