A loan to keep your business moving. Interested?

Applying for a short-term business loan through a traditional lender can be a laborious process; often meaning you miss opportunities to take advantage of time-sensitive decisions. A Prospa short term business loan makes getting a business loan easy. We pride ourselves on making fast decisions, are Australian owned and operated, have an experienced, friendly team that can help customize your application, and possess an Australian Credit Licence for your peace of mind.

Apply for a Prospa Business Loan of $5,000 to $250,000 in under ten minutes and receive a fast response – often within the hour.

The term of the unsecured loan is between three and 12 months and the cash-flow friendly repayments are either daily, weekly or fortnightly.

  • Easy online application with no paperwork
  • Fast approval and money usually in your account the same or next business day
  • Cash-flow friendly repayments with no penalties for early payback

A Prospa Business Loan details the total amount payable upfront inclusive of any interest, fees or charges, which is then broken down into a daily, weekly, or fortnightly repayment figure.

Take the stress out of accessing money to grow your small business.

Our efficient and flexible funding process can be used for business renovations, marketing, inventory purchases, acquiring equipment, general working capital and much more.

Secure a Prospa Business Loan today.

Prospa Business Loans

Prospa aims to change the way small business owners experience finance and have quickly become Australia’s number one online lender. Prospa’s range of small business finance solutions is designed so that business owners can capitalize on a dynamic business landscape and take decisive action to seize opportunities.

Since its inception in 2011, Prospa has helped thousands of businesses grow, garnering awards across the finance and technology sectors and securing strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Westpac and Xero who share their vision.

Allow your business to prosper with a Prospa business loan.