1. Spend less than you earn champagne taste on a beer budget?

2. Pay down non-deductiable debt first
Any debt that doesn’t make you money or create your wealth should be paid down first. Start repaying your store and credit cards and personal loans, then your home loan BEFORE your investment debt. For every $5,000 racked up on your credit card, you are affecting your property borrowing capacity sometimes by about $30,0001 or more.

3. Pay off your highest interest-bearing credit card fast
Paying off a credit card with a 27% interest rate will allow you to feel awesome. When you apply your existing payment that was previously used to pay off the high interest rate card to another card debt, watch the balance drop significantly in a much shorter time frame.

4. Think carefully before taking on any new (or bad) debt
(including credit cards, Afterpay/Zip Pay, personal or car loans). Not every 0% interest (or low interest) rate is what it seems.

Always check with your financial adviser (us) first, BEFORE taking on any new debt.
If you start to shop around yourself, you could very well damage your credit rating and end up not being able to borrow at all for a longer period of time.

5. Spread your indulgences over a longer time frame
Yes, you need to be rewarded for your hard work and discipline.

So when you DO indulge, spread it across the year or over several months to take advantage of maintaining your budget, cash flow and to reduce any more financial damage.

6. Revisit the way you are using and spending your money often
Sometimes we drop out of good habits. Don’t beat yourself up, just jump back into the flow and get cracking again.

7. Invest in good quality objects/clothing that will last as opposed to grabbing possessions in sales that you will only use on a few occasions or perhaps never use at all. Quality over quantity is a good mindset to have in the world of saving, finance and investing.

8. Prepare for life’s unexpected financial events.
Have a ‘rainy day’ account to avoid upsetting your plans. You don’t need any excuses to stop your progress and results.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, BUT be careful who you listen to
Sometimes those who give us advice are the ones not following their own advice or have little knowledge and/or success themselves. Remember, we are only a phone call away.

10. Be positive about the future
What we think about comes about, so be careful what you focus on. Looking at your debt will bring more debt. Look at your equity and asset growth instead!

11. Educate yourself, then take massive action
“To know and not do is really to not know,” according to Stephen Covey. There is a lot to do to achieve financial success. Don’t try it alone.

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  1. Every financial situation is different. You can access any online borrowing capacity calculator to see the effects of removing credit card debt on your borrowing capacity.

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